Golang Developers On-Demand

Get On-Demand Golang Developers for Your Project

Hire on-demand Golang developers to quickly scale your project with expert talent. Benefit from flexible, efficient, and cost-effective development solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Benefits of On-Demand Golang Developers


You incur costs solely for the hours the developer dedicates to your project, thereby avoiding salaries, benefits, and overhead expenses linked with full-time employees.

Faster project completion

On-demand developers are typically ready to commence work immediately, significantly accelerating your project timeline. This immediacy allows for more agile and responsive project management, ensuring timely progress and completion.

Access to a wider talent pool

You are not confined to the local pool of Golang developers. Instead, you can access a global network of skilled professionals to find the ideal match for your project.


On-demand arrangements provide greater flexibility in scheduling and project scope compared to the employment of full-time staff.

Tech-Stack of our Golang Developer

Backend Development


Go Packages

Gin Gorilla Mux Go Chi GORM SQLx ZeroLog


Docker Kubernetes Consul Helm Terraform Kibana


GitHub Actions Jenkins CircleCI Gitlab CI/CD


PostgreSQL MySQL MongoDB Redis Neo4J


AWS Google Cloud Azure​

API Development

REST API gRPC GraphQL Swagger Postman

Message Queues

Kafka RabbitMQ NATS​


Clean Code Microservices Monolithic​

Other Technologies

Git Socket Programming Web 3 Blockchain

How to Hire On-Demand Golang Developers from us

  • Step 1

    Requirement Discussion Call

    In this call we will discuss about you business. We'll delve into your project requirements, objectives for success, timeframe, budget, and necessary skill sets to determine how we can assist you.

  • Step 2

    Discussion with the developers

    Participate in direct communication sessions with our Golang developers to facilitate their seamless integration into your team throughout the onboarding process

  • Step 3

    Smooth Onboarding and Scaling

    Streamlined onboarding and flexibly adjusting headcount to meet your evolving needs.

Costing for Hiring On-Demand Golang Developers

Our transparent pricing structure guarantees that you pay solely for the services essential to your project, devoid of any hidden expenses or unexpected charges.

Whether you seek to enhance your current team with a proficient on-demand Golang developer or require comprehensive development assistance, our tailored pricing schemes are crafted to align with your financial constraints and project specifications.

Get in touch for more details.

Benefits of Hiring On-Demand Golang Developers from us

  • Developer matching for your exact requirements
  • Easy developer replacement
  • Fast Onboarding
  • Cost-effective structure
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills
  • Maximum overlapping time as per your timezone

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Frequently Asked Questions?

To safeguard your intellectual property (IP), we sign multiple documents, including:

  1. The Master Service Agreement, outlining the terms and conditions of our service provision.
  2. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between your company and Scalent, ensuring confidentiality and protection of your proprietary information.
  3. NDAs signed individually by each developer onboarded to further reinforce the confidentiality and security measures surrounding your IP.

You can expect a minimum of 4 hours of overlapping time with our developers, considering our timezone is GMT +5.30. Additionally, we accommodate adjustments to the developers’ office hours according to your timezone to provide even more overlapping time for seamless collaboration.

Every day, communication with the developers will be facilitated through the tools provided by you, such as Slack or Teams. In the event that these tools are not provided, we will create a dedicated Slack account for your project. This ensures direct communication with our developer, streamlining the process for seamless collaboration.

Our billing cycle offers flexibility to suit your needs. We provide hourly, weekly, and monthly billing cycles. Invoices are raised at the end of each cycle, and we typically expect payment to be cleared within a 15-day period. However, we are open to discussing and modifying this timeframe based on mutual agreement and understanding.

Our developer replacement policy is designed to ensure minimal disruption to your project. With a notice period of 1 month, we strive to provide immediate replacement if a developer is available. If not, we provide a replacement within 15 days to maintain project momentum and continuity.