Golang Staff Augmentation

Our Golang Developers will work with your team

Augment your tech team with our Go developers, adding the additional team members you need.

What is Golang Staff Augmentation?

Golang staff augmentation involves Integrating Go developers from another company to join your existing team.

Staff augmentation removes the extra work of finding, hiring, training, and keeping talent. Helping you with faster hiring, lower overhead, and fast project development.

Benefits of Golang staff augmentation

Fast Onboarding

We'll match your project's needs with the perfect experienced Golang developer from our talent pool.

Accelerated Development

Our Golang developers quickly adapt to your needs, significantly contributing to faster project development.

Reduced Cost

Our cost-effective Golang staff augmentation service reduces hiring overhead and delivers the skills you need.

Flexibility and Agility

Our Golang staff augmentation allows you to scale your team, perfectly fitting project demands and staying on track.

Why Hire Golang Developers From Us?

With over 8 years of providing Golang Specialised Development Services, we've honed our expertise to deliver innovative solutions from nimble startups to established Fortune 500 companies. 

Over the years, we've deployed our developers across diverse domains including Fintech, E-commerce, Healthcare, AdTech, and more.

This intense experience has been a double win: we've constantly experimented and pushed the boundaries of Golang while empowering businesses around the world

Scalent - Unlocking success | Golang development company

About Our Golang Developers

Our Golang developers adhere to rigorous quality standards and follow robust processes to ensure project excellence. With a thorough approach and a commitment to best practices, they consistently deliver high-quality solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.

  • Idiomatic Golang Practices
  • TDD - Test Driven Development
  • Clean Code Architecture
  • Experience with CI/CD
  • Experience with Cloud Platforms
  • Experience with Microservices Development

Technology Stack of our Golang Developers


Golang - Scalent Tech-stack



React Native - Scalent Tech-stack , Golang Development Company


Angular - Scalent Tech-stack , Golang Development Company


VueJs - Scalent Tech-stack , Golang Development Company



React Native - Scalent Tech-stack , Golang Development Company

React Native

Flutter - Scalent Tech-stack , Golang Development Company



PostgreSQL - Scalent Tech-stack




Scalent Mongodb


DynamoDB - Scalent Tech-stack



Redis - Scalent Tech-stack


Memcached - Scalent Tech-stack


Cloud Native Tools

Docker - Scalent Tech-stack


Kubernetes - Scalent Tech-stack


Prometheus - Scalent Tech-stack , Golang Development Company


Consul - Scalent Tech-stack | Golang Development Company


Message Queues

Kafka - Scalent Tech-stack


RabbitMQ - Scalent Tech-stack



AWS - Scalent Tech-stack


Google Cloud - Scalent Tech-stack

Google Cloud

Operating Systems

Ubuntu - Scalent Tech-stack


MacOS - Scalent Tech-stack


Windows - Scalent Tech-stack


Developer Onboarding Process

  • Step 1

    Requirement Discussion Call

    In this call we will discuss about you business. We'll delve into your project requirements, objectives for success, timeframe, budget, and necessary skill sets to determine how we can assist you.

  • Step 2

    Discussion with the developers

    Participate in direct communication sessions with our Golang developers to facilitate their seamless integration into your team throughout the onboarding process

  • Step 3

    Smooth Onboarding and Scaling

    Streamlined onboarding and flexibly adjusting headcount to meet your evolving needs.

Frequently Asked Questions?

To safeguard your intellectual property (IP), we sign multiple documents, including:

  1. The Master Service Agreement, outlining the terms and conditions of our service provision.
  2. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between your company and Scalent, ensuring confidentiality and protection of your proprietary information.
  3. NDAs signed individually by each developer onboarded to further reinforce the confidentiality and security measures surrounding your IP.

You can expect a minimum of 4 hours of overlapping time with our developers, considering our timezone is GMT +5.30. Additionally, we accommodate adjustments to the developers’ office hours according to your timezone to provide even more overlapping time for seamless collaboration.

Every day, communication with the developers will be facilitated through the tools provided by you, such as Slack or Teams. In the event that these tools are not provided, we will create a dedicated Slack account for your project. This ensures direct communication with our developer, streamlining the process for seamless collaboration.

Our billing cycle offers flexibility to suit your needs. We provide hourly, weekly, and monthly billing cycles. Invoices are raised at the end of each cycle, and we typically expect payment to be cleared within a 15-day period. However, we are open to discussing and modifying this timeframe based on mutual agreement and understanding.

Our developer replacement policy is designed to ensure minimal disruption to your project. With a notice period of 1 month, we strive to provide immediate replacement if a developer is available. If not, we provide a replacement within 15 days to maintain project momentum and continuity.