I had to say NO to the New Project

I had a meeting with a Client, who is running a successful business in the Insurance domain for UK and Singapore region. 

His existing application is developed using “Golang” Monolith and he wanted our help in converting the application into Microservices Architecture. 

I tried to understand how his current application is running, and whether he is facing any scalability challenges I found there is no need to convert his application to Microservices. 

I explained to him, you only think about microservices architecture when- 

Your team is big and you want to segregate the concerns(his team has ~4 devs) 

You are using different backend technologies for various types of work and have expert devs for each tech stack 

I also explained Microservices architecture comes with the cost of development,  maintenance, deployment etc. 

I had to change his mind to not convert his application to microservices architecture immediately and wait for the right moment until MS is the moly option for him. 

I had to do this despite, I knew I’ll not get a project and lose the client I had to do this despite, we have a good Golang team immediately ready to work on the microservices project. 

I had to do this because for us guiding Clients with the Right Information is more important than just earning the money.

We ❤️ Golang

At Scalent, we are helping companies to develop Applications using Golang, which are not only Fast and Efficient but also save lots of cost in the long run. 

Are you exploring, whether Golang can be a right fit for your next project or not? 

Feel free to connect with me I would love to know more about your project and discuss if Golang will be a good fit or not.