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Our Client Got Surprised!....

One of our clients wanted us to add some more features to his existing Python script, which calls many 3rd party APIs to fetch data, do some operations and create reports.

We are not Python experts so we asked if we can rewrite it in Golang.

We rewrote the code in Golang using the “Worker-Pool” Concurrency Pattern.

The new code took 4 hours  🕓 to execute and share the reports with the client.

The client got Surprised by the result and told us that his Python script used to take around “2 Weeks” to execute and produce reports.

The execution time decreased by a whopping ~8400%! 🚀
Brought 2 Weeks Server running cost to “$0” ⬇️

I don’t know if it is possible to optimize Python script to achieve similar results, but in Golang it’s Super Easy.

I encourage developers to learn Golang with their existing language and use it whenever possible.

You’ll enjoy it!

We ❤️ Golang

At Scalent, we are helping companies by providing On-Demand Golang Developers and by developing applications using Golang, which are not only Fast and Efficient but also save lots of cost in the long run. 

Are you exploring, whether Golang can be a right fit for your next project or not? 

Feel free to connect with me I would love to know more about your project and discuss if Golang will be a good fit or not.